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Fundamentals of Business Mathematics & Statistics

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Course Overview

Fundamentals of Business Mathematics & Statistics

The main objective of introducing Business Mathematics & Statistics is to gain understanding on the fundamental concepts of mathematics and statistics and its application in business decision making.

The syllabus test you on

  • Understand the basic concepts of basic mathematics and statistics
  • Identify reasonableness in the calculation.
  • Apply the basic concepts as an effective quantitative tool.
  • Explain and apply mathematical techniques.
  • Demonstrate to explain the relevance and use of statistical tools for analysis and forecasting.
Learn to do Maths

The only way to learn Maths is to do it. We at PSC mentor you with regular test series and comments thereon.

What makes PSC a better choice?

    • Course curriculum taught and designed by industry professionals
    • Teaching process is up to date on the current industry
    • 100% Coverage of ICMAI Syllabus
    • Manage work, family and study in a flexible schedule
    • we provide video backup classes for the students who registered with us for Face to Face along with Hard copy of study material.


ICMAI structured the syllabus as Section -A, B.

SECTION – A: Fundamentals of Business Mathematics (40%)
  • Arithmetic – 20%
  • Algebra – 20%
Section – B: Fundamentals of Business Statistics (60%)
  • Statistical representation of Data – 10%
  • Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion – 30%
  • Correlation and Regression – 10%
  • Probability – 10%
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